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Andrew Simons
"Let you know how pleased I am with the product. I started applying the oil a month ago, and have noticed great results near my eyes and face. But the results are slow at finger tips and it is taking long time there to get the body color back. The product is great can you advice on the wholesale price."

Shaun Kallis
"The results are excellent. I’ve been using stop vitiligo oil for 2 months and enjoying the moment of reappearing of my body color on vitiligo spots. I had also used allopathic medicine but was not satisfied with the results. Herbal Medical says the truth and I'm still using the oil.

Anna from Toronto Canada
My son was eighteen when some white patches appear on his face which looks so bad. I took him to family doctor and he diagnosed it vitiligo. The doctor told me to use steroids for treatment but I was aware of steroids side effect so I was not convinced. From then I start searching on internet for the treatment of vitiligo. One day on face book I had chat with a vitiligo patient he recommended me Stop-Vitiligo product. I start notice that after 25 days of application the skin color is changing and it took 4 months to recover from vitiligo. Today 4 years have passed but no patches have appeared again.