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Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo is a skin disease that produces white patches over skin. One of the main vitiligo causes is lack of melanin in melanocytes. It has not only been found in men and women but also has been observed even in animals. Doctors have researched a lot vitiligo but they were unable to unearth root cause. There exist several causes such as autoimmune disease, physical and mental stress, sunburn, Genetic predisposition and contact with chemicals.

Vitiligo disease occurs over the skin due to loss of pigmentation, the skin tone and condition remains same but only white patches are appeared over the skin. According to a survey, approximately 1-2% of total population is affected with vitiligo. The ratio of its occurrence is not specific as it may happen in both males and females equally. The ratio of its occurrence is seen up to 45.6% in people of age from 0-20 years while it is found up to 15.4% in people above age of 40 years. It is quite vivid that young peoples are affected with vitiligo more as compared to old people.

One of the main vitiligo causes is fast food, the new generation is adopting fast food with fast pace. It consists of additives, harmful preservatives, artificial flavors and anti-oxidants. According to scientific research, most of them have been proved hazardous to health are also considered responsible for vitiligo. Disorder in auto immune system is considered as one of the main vitiligo causes that begins the de-pigmentation process over the skin.

Auto immune system is a special system that protects our body from outer viral and bacterial attacks. This system is configured automatically against any disease in body. This system begins to react against body tissues and thus causes vitiligo over skin. There is not proper ground about the reaction of autoimmune system to body. Autoimmune diseases that cause vitiligo are adrenocortical, hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata and pernicious anemia.

Mental stress is considered as one of the major reason for this skin disease. A research was taken by scientists and 46% people were found infected with vitiligo due to hypertension and mental stress. There were different causes that induced the mental stress and strain such as breakup, death of relatives etc. If a patient is taking vitiligo treatment with condition of severe mental stress the pigmentation process will not be good. Genetic disposition is also considered responsible for vitiligo as the genes inherited from parents often come with defective melanocytes. It may travel to children from parents without developing; there is no reason behind occurrence of vitiligo in family members in genetic aspects.

Melanocytes in skin may sometimes get damaged from sun rays that contain ultra violet rays and it may cause to develop white patches over uncovered skin area. Vitiligo also causes due to skin trauma, it can be defined as an injury that happens over the skin due to some reasons and damages the pigment cells leaving white patches behind. Despite knowing too many vitiligo causes, scientists are unable to get the real information regarding root cause of vitiligo and it is still a mystery. Pigment cells once destroyed, are impossible to be recovered. So a perfect vitiligo cure is not possible until the root cause is not completely known.

After considering all the facts and researched conducted by the skin experts we can concluded that the assumed causes of vitiligo are the one mention below:
  1. Inheritance
  2. Auto Immune Disease
  3. Mental and Physical Stress
  4. Skin Trauma
  5. Chemicals reaction